If You See a “Snail” In Your Dream, Do This Things Immediately

Everyone knows that dreaming sometimes is a play of what you are thinking and sometimes it is always what will happen in someone’s life but still you have to be very careful of what you are doing in your real life .

Sometimes it will determine what will happen to you in your dream life but most times it is always a God sign for most people in this world and if you are not opportune to always dream as a sign please always pray to your God.

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As a living man and as an adult if you happen to see a snail in your dream you don’t need to ask twice or if you are doubting you should go ask your pastor what it men’t to see a “SNAIL” in your dream but as for what i want to share it means that in everything you will be doing in your life their would always be a draw back even in your business, you might see that you are not see as much as profit as you are seeing before

So what you need to do is this, you will need your pastor to pray for you and you yourself will have a deep praying and fasting on yourself so you need not to be worried God is with you.

Now you need to claim this prayer as yours now in the comment section

1.May you enemy that are looking for your downfall not see peacr in jesus name

2.every evel sprite monitoring your life and you family life may not prosper

May the lord be with you as you comment below

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