How to

If You Are Harassed By Any Soldier During The Lockdown-Here Is How To Report Them

The Nigerian army is an institution that was set up to protect
the territorial integrity of Nigeria. It is the sole responsibility
of the military to protect the country from both foreign and
domestic aggression.

But what now happens, when those who Swore an oath, to
protect the citizens, are still the same ones bullying the

The covid-19 pandemic has caused major states to enforce
lockdowns. As expected, security forces are meant to enforce
this law.

But some elements in the Nigerian army are going against
the professional conduct, of which the army is known for.
ere are reports of military personnel, harassing and ilegally
beating citizens during this lockdown.

The Nigerian army headquarters has issued a strong warning to
it’s officers and men to desist from torturing innocent citizens.
Any soldier caught torturing or manhandling any civilian will be
dealt with according to military law.

According to the publication, aggrieved citizens can send
pictures or videos of the event to the designated numbers
it has provided.

The statement further read that messages
should contain the exact location, date and time of incident’.


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