Ibadan police inspector died during sex with secret lover

A 47 year old police inspector, named Micheal Ogunlade died at a hotel in Ibadan, oyo state during marathon sex with his secret lover.

A source from the hotel told vanguard  that this particular incident happened around 3:15 pm, on Sunday April 3rd 2022, not quite long after the lovers paid for a short rest at the hotel located at Oke-Ado area of Ibadan.

The witness said:

‘They met me at the staircase but being a worker in the organization I cannot be looking at their faces so I just left them but not quite long the woman rushed down and started crying, saying the man is unconscious,’’ the witness said.

We quickly put a call through the police at Iyaganku Police Division and they came around immediately  but before they would rush him to a nearby hospital, he had given up the ghost.”

We kept on hearing different stories, some said he died result of a thunderbolt laced on the woman by another man while some said the late officer used an energy booster to have sexual intercourse with the widow.

One of the hotel Receptionist said ‘I don’t know her but the way she was talking about the incident, she had lost her husband a long time ago,that was 2014, she even said the late officer was the one talking care of her and her children for more than five years now .

‘She kept on saying he was My benefactor, My helper , he was like my husband because we do see him every Sunday, apart from seeing him once a week he always take responsibility of me and my children ’

One of the hotel attendants quoted her when saying it after the incident.