“I don’t know who will win between me and Anthony Joshua-Mike Tyson insisted when asked.

One of the most Fierce Boxers during his Prime Michael Gerard Tyson famously called Mike Tyson has insisted he does not know who will win in a hypothetical fight between himself and a two-time unified heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson who is the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title aged 20 years old 4 months and 22 days younger in 1986 as insisted he does not know who will triumph in a hypothetical match against Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua who is the current WBA (super), IBF,  WBO, and IBO champion as not said anything after this statement from Mike.

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There as been a lot of debate about who is the greatest boxer of all time with Mike Tyson always coming into the mix of things.

When asked he said ” I don’t know who will emerge victorious in a hypothetical match against Anthony”

Is Mike Tyson just trying to play a fast on Joshua because we know Anthony is one of his fans?

Will Anthony Joshua beat prime Mike Tyson?

These are some of the questions running through our minds?

Give us your verdict?


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