I am not interested in national honour, i want a new tanker – Man who drove a tanker of fire and saved a Delta community from explosion says

The driver, identified as Ejiro Otarigho who drove a burning fuel tanker away from a community in Delta state has disclosed that he needs a new vehicle.

Speaking after the senate asked President Buhari to confer him with a “befitting national honour as he may deem fit for his extraordinary act of bravery, courage and skill that prevented the loss of human lives and property on a massive scale”, Ejiro said it’s not been easy since losing the tanker as it was the only way he fed.

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According to a statement given to punch, He said that the thought of hundreds of lives and property engulfing in flames as a result of the tanker fire, gave him the spunk to drive the truck to a location where there will be no disaster.

Ejiro said;

“I have received calls from them (Delta state government) but I am not interested in any national honour of any sort right now.

“I know God has brought me to a good place where my story is now being told. All I want is a replacement for my burnt tanker so I can go back to my job.

“I have just been at home and truck driving was the only way I fed. It has not been easy for me since I lost my tanker.”

When asked if he would like to get a new job and abandon the dangerous business of tanker driving, he said;

“of course, I will. It is a risky job.

“Imagine if I had d!ed that day, nothing would have been said of me. If the government has something better for me, I will do it without looking back. All I want is to be able to take care of myself and my family legitimately.”