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I AM CONFUSED! Should I Lend My Boyfriend Money?

  I AM CONFUSED! Should I Lend My Boyfriend Money?

I have a pressing issue on the ground and I need your contribution.

My boyfriend has been working for about 5 years now.

We’ve been dating for a while now, and he has been so nice and caring. The best ever.

In my experience in relationships, I have been quite generous but the guys turned out to be ingrates, so I vowed never to give any boy my penny again.

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When I met my man, he melted my hardened heart with the love he showered on me.

On one occasion, I have borrowed him money, and he paid me back.

Now he’s asking me to lend him another money.

Because of this lockdown, he has gone so broke, and he opened up to me.

Initially, I did not believe him but when I noticed he has run out of foodstuffs and the provisions he normally stock his house with, I believed him.

I have more than enough money. The money he’s asking for is like the chicken change to me.

But I don’t want him to get used to borrowing from me and I have vowed never to give a guy my money again except if he’s my husband.

Please I need advice. Fellow ladies like me, what do you think?

Should I Borrow Him?


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