I am Addicted To Sleep Whenever My Husband Is Not at Home, Please I Need your Help. Lady

A young lady has made her identity to be reflected to the world as far she cannot hide her situation anymore as she can’t do without sleeping around anytime her husband is not around

The lady prior to her situation has revealed to radio station through a call Sha made yesterday night and she’s looking forward to get rid of the problem

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This Married lady in question seems to be tired and sick for all her over infidelity against her husband as she has been addicted to

The Young Lady who put a call across radio station over her issues of sleeping around whenever her husband is not around. She made this known to all radio Listeners out there in order to get a solution to the problem as she cannot hide it anymore.

According to her when the radio presenter decided to ask her why she chooses to cheat on her husband, these are the response she revealed:

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This lady in question seems to be chaos over the situation she’s at hand and she’s seeking better opinions for this solve problem to be solved.

She is definitely holding onto her horse to hear your thoughts and your opinions as you know the problem shared is half solved.

You can save a life today by your opinions and your suggestions over this problem she has been addicted to.

Drop your opinions below and don’t forget to share and follow me for more masterpieces of information.


    1. The best best she can do is come out clean to her husband.if not her ex would continue to hold it above her..I know it’s not easy but the 1st step to repentance is accepting ur wrong nd confessing it

    2. Infidelity is not a small matter so the first thing she should do is to repent of her sins first. Ask for Gods mercy because it is not easy for a man especially your husband to swallow this thing easily. Then Open up to him and let him know. f he finds out on his own its worse.

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