Hushpuppi Blasts Reps As Buhari Request for Fresh $5.5 Billion Loan


Dubai-based Nigerian, Ray Hushpuppi has reacted to President Buhari’s latest request for a fresh loan of $5.513 billion, and also the House of Representatives member that will approve the loan.

In a letter read by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, at the plenary on Thursday, the president said the loan was to finance the 2020 budget deficit, financing of critical projects, and supporting some states of the federation.


Hushpuppi reacting to the news said: “This time I’m not even going to blame or focus my strength or time on dumb Buhari, this time it’s to all the Reps and senators who will approve this loan again after a recent one was just approved and we don’t know where it went.

Any of you reps and senators that will vote for this loan to be approved should know it will not be well with you and your generations, as you all plan to help the future nigerian kids in poverty before even being born, your own children will suffer before your eyes. Bastard people wey e no go better for all of una together”


    1. Haaaba this government should Fair God na,another 5.5million again Mr President is like been in that seat make you to forget that you are try to sell this country out, and all this money we are talking about masses are not benefit from it o but they will be the one to pay back the loan, by collecting tax from them, God will judge you according to your work.

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