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How to properly get rid of bad mouth odor

If you have been following this blog then you will discover that I am always trying to find a lasting solution to some health challenges which are bothering you, but note that some requires the attention of medical personnel or expertise to properly handle the case especially when it has escalated and proved difficult to handle

Mouth odor is a very embarrassing thing especially when you are in the public places, this can cause inconvenience to the people that are around you at that moment in time.

Mouth odor are mostly caused by the presences of bacterial in the mouth on in between the gum and opening in the teeth, as long as this bacterial continue to survive and feed in your mouth then you will continue to have mouth odor.

Another good cause of mouth odor is the type of food that you consume over time; these types of foods are like beans, moimoi, eggs and so many more.

It is very advisable to always brush your teen after consuming these types of foods especially at night before you sleep.

Learn to eat on time because too much fasting can actually contribute to mouth odor, although it is not all about the brushing of teeth how long you stay without eating anything, the truth is that even when you did not brush your teeth but you are eating in time you will discover that your mouth will not have so much bad odor.

When you are in places, you can actually help yourself by chewing gum or taking sweets with mints, this help to kill the bacterial and give you fresh breath at the same time.

How to properly get rid of mouth odor fast

In this article, I will show you how to get rid of mouth odor fast with natural items that you can easily find around you, this methods works so well when properly applied with no side effects, the most important thing is to follow the necessary steps.

Items needed.




How to prepare

First of all, get a glass and add just little quantity of water, the quantity should be very small then get four lime oranges and slice into two equal halves then squeeze each into the cup of water until all is properly squeezed, get a sieve and filter the mixture due to some particles present inside then get a half teaspoon of salt and add to the mixture then shake properly, watch as the salt melt away and get properly mixed.

How to use

To use this mixture is quiet easy, all you have to do is to pour in your mouth and shake very well, hold for like 1 minute and pour it away, repeat the same thing again for like three times and you are good.

You can actually do this two to three times a week and in a short while, your mouth odor will be no more.

I hope this article has been helpful?

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