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How To Make Snow Globe In The Comfort Of Your Home 🏡

We all always wonder how snow globe is being made because of how fancy, etheral, fragile and expensive it looks. Well not to worry because this platform will guide you on how to make it without breaking a sweat and making a hole in your pocket using things that’s not scarce to see in a home.


  • A transparent circular glass container
  • Super glue
  • Glitter(Desired colour)
  • Miniature(Any type)
  • Water


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Get the transparent glass container and remove the lid, keep the container aside

Apply a generous amount of glue to the inner side of the lid

Place the miniature on the glue and ensure it stands well and it’s strong

Get the glass container and fill it to the brim with water and then add the glitter into the water

Take the miniature glued lid and carefully use it to cover the glitter water-filled glass

Wow! Surprising isn’t it? You have made that snow globe you have been admiring from pictures, television, and what have you. Now make more of it in the comfort of your home and sell to all snow globe lovers.


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