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How to know if your woman is cheating on you

A relationship is an act of trust and faithfulness and this memorandum of trust should not be a breach between the two partners involved in this relationship but in some cases, some women find it very enticing to cheat on their men and as a result lead to hatred, misunderstanding, and breakup in the relationship.

In this piece of articles, I will show you ways to know if your woman is cheating on you or not, note that one of this b acts is not enough to conclude, a combination of two or more should be placed under consideration before finally concluding.

Cheating is a bad actor in a relationship and should be avoided as soon as possible, the main problem is lack of trust and absence of love in that relationship while some women are into materialistic things, this drives them to begin to admire other men outside their relationship.

Below are some ways to identify a cheating woman.

1. She begins to keep late night

One of the first ways to know if a woman is cheating is that she begins to keep a late-night, most women who cheat are fond of keeping late night, they are always ready to give excuses for their lateness, watch closely and you will soon discover that she is always giving different excuses why she always comes home late.

2. She begins to excuse herself whenever she wants to make call/s

Does she do this before or she just starts doing it? She always excuses herself whenever she is about to receive certain calls and she becomes very secretive about it, this is a very good sign that is into something, she does this, give her a close observation and you will soon find out.

No woman will want to pick the calls of their admirer in the presence of their lover, they will rather stand up and walk out to a very secrete and quiet place to receive their calls.

3. She now feels tired whenever you are on bed planning for the game

Either you believe it or not, whenever a woman starts having an affair outside of their relationship, she begins to act strangely and some of those behaviors are the ability to deny you of pleasure while you are in the bedroom, she will give one thousand and one reasons why she is not in the mood and if you try to false her in the mood, she will become angry and offensive, she is doing this because she is seeing another man

4. She no longer calls or text as usual.

Calling and texting is a move that spice up relationship but what happens when one of the partners no longer call or text and she no longer reply text and calls?

When a woman is in love with you, she truly is and when she said she is done then she is done for real, a woman can only give her full attention to only the man that she has a true feeling for, she will only place that man on priority when a woman no longer call or text or maybe she no longer reply your text and phone calls, then something is fishing somewhere, she no chooses to reply another message and calls which seems to be more important than yours, this is one way to check if they have your attention and interest in mind

5. She no longer visits or cares as usual

Care is very important in any given relationship, it is one of those things that keep the relationship moving, you will know when a woman stop caring the moment she starts avoiding you, she longer visit as usual and when she manages to visit, she no longer wants to stay for too long the way she used to, she is always in a haste to leave. Watch out for this as you may have a deputy, she might be seeing another man and hence she gives that man more attention than you


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