How Right is it for Husband and Wife to kiss and caress each other while their children are around


Most husband and wife do not review what they do or what they allow their children to see in most cases. They do things almost non gallantly and forgot that children mostly learn in their early years by sight, and most times eager to practice what they’ve seen the elders do or what they watched on the television or read in stories since they could not get further clarification about such things and why it is so.

Family building is the responsibility of both the husband and the children, especially in the training of the children in the right way, for it is evident that the children always grow with what they’ve learned in their early years and so we are always careful about the kind of information, movies, stories, photos and magazines they come in contact with.


The family is the first place the child starts learning before they proceed to the school and the society wherein most cases begin to show what kind of family they came from and the type of instructions they had received from their parents which normally reflect in their behaviors among their peers.

The question is, is it right for parents to kiss and caress themselves while the children are around watching them, or do you need to send them away because you want to kiss your spouse



      1. … discretion with words, in conversation, in conduct, in actions…coz kids learn by imitation. So look at how a kid behaves and voila! You can tell what he/she has been learning from home.

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