How Kayode Was Nearly Raped by Chioma

FICTION: How Kayode Was Nearly Raped by Chioma in His Room


It was on friday, Chioma had visited Kayode at 4:00 p.m. and both were in the room, according to their normal practice, they discussed about the books they’ve read especially where they disagree with the writers. The discussion lasted long until about 7:00 p.m. when the clear sky suddenly becomes cloudy, with rumbling of thunders and lightenings.

Kayode rushed downstairs to unspread his clothes and it had started raining before he could return upstairs, he met Chioma who was contemplating on leaving, but after seeing Kayode drenched and the consistent and increasing sounds of the droplets as it falls on the zinc roofing of the house, she sar back.

Samuel had texted complaining why she had refused to visit him that day as promised. He was a friend she met online and both had on several occasions engaged in carnal exploitation of each other.

The rain continued through the night and Chioma had became comfortable to sleep in Kayode’s room for the first time since they became friends. She had inquired if his roommate is not returning that night which Kayode gave a “yes” response to. He stays outside most of the night attending one party or the other. This night he had as usual said his coursemate is celebrating his birthday. He added.

Chioma laughed, making fun of him. Why don’t you like attending such parties? Chioma asked.

It’s a complete waste of time and besides there are numerous parties held in the daytime I could attend if I had wished to, then why stay awake all night doing same things I should have done in the day? He questioned.

But you reads at night?. Chioma replied jokingly.

Yeah! I do that because the night is serene and a more perfect time for me to read owing to the conducive and serenity of the busy environment. Kayode replied.

Then, those night parties are held for same reasons you have for reading at night. Chioma cuts in.

See, I sense you had taken some liquor, don’t worry sleep is the antidote, lest you continue saying nonsense. Kayode replied jokingly.

Then you should be arrested for the act, I ate and drank in your place in the last six hours, probably you had added it unnoticed to me. Chioma replied.

Young girl! Your case is of a different world, I give up, I want to sleep. Kayode said and watch chioma laugh noisly.

It was already late in the night, the lamb they used in studying while it was raining was still on since the power supply had been disrupted as a result of the lightenings and thunders, they prepared to sleep with Kayode insisting that Chioma say the night prayers which she shyly rejected and Kayode said the prayer which lasted for about five minutes only.

Both lay on different mattress but Chioma after some time dumped hers and joined Kayode saying she does not sleep if alone on the bed. For quite a long time none of them talked to each other, with one thinking the other had slept off. The silence lasted until Chioma adjusted so closely to Kayode, their body touching and she placed her legs on him and arms around his neck. The power supply had been restored and the bulb illuminate the room so brightly. She continued for some times but Kayode didn’t react to shrug her hands and legs off him but after some times opened his eyes and surprisingly their gaze met, then he realized it had been a deliberate action from her. He tried to adjust, but was already pressed to the wall. His eyes were still close as he now pretends, Chioma began to make some calculated moves, caressing his body and forcefully drawing his hands to touch her tender braless breasts.

What are you … Kayode asked, feeling uncomfortable as he sits up.

Come on, don’t be too mean with life, let’s make love. Chioma cuts in after kissing his parted lips while he was still speaking. She held him tight with her arms around him and both fell on the bed. Kayode gently struggled to get himself off her grip and stood up when he finally succeeded. Chioma lay on the bed staring at Kayode who had sat on his reading table and switched on his laptop. There was graveyard silence for a long time as both remained on their edges in the room.

What are you doing? She asked and stood up walking towards him.

I’m reading on the speech I would deliver tomorrow morning. He lied, and hurriedly clicked on an ebook file, he felt uncomfortable with Chioma approaching him. She stood beside him trying to pronounce some words displayed on the screen.

Kayode, goodnight, my eyes are heavy. She said returning to the bed, and rubbing her eyes with her finger. She lay on the bed and soon fall asleep.
In the morning when she was about to to go, she felt remorse for her act the previous night, and pleads with Kayode for pardon, and Kayode accompanied her to the gate where they parted


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