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Honey, This My Four Sisters Will Be Coming To Stay With Us Till This Corona Is Over – Reply As A Husband (Best Reply Wins)

Hi Guys!!

This edition of Reply As on Naijapalaba will be interesting.

The last edition was so damn filled with interesting replies, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading the comments 😂

Thanks to everyone that participated. You guys are the best 👍

In case you missed it, click below 👇

So, just imagine as things hard reach for this Coronavirus period where everywhere is on lockdown, the last set of people you would want to come and live with you are this set of Sisters-In-Law.

Let’s assume your wife has the mind and effrontery to tell you her four sisters-in-law in this picture below are coming to stay with you till coronavirus lockdown ends, what will be your reply?

See Photo Below:-                                                                                                                                                       

You see them well right? 😂

Oya Reply As A Husband  most interesting reply wins 


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