History Made As Man Sentenced To Death By Hanging In First Ever First Online Court Sitting

The first virtual court session, which held in Nigeria at Ikeja High Court in Lagos on Monday saw the sentencing to death of one Olalekan Hameed

Mr was said to have killed A 76 year old woman on December 1, 2018 who was the mother of his boss whom he worked with as driver.

He had allegedly gone to the house to steal, but killed his boss’s mother after she caught him in the act.

The Nation reportser Hameed was arraigned on March 6, 2019 on a two-count charge of murder and stealing on Charge No. ID/9006C/2019.

The judgement which was passed by Justice Dada reads in part ;

“The defendant is hereby found guilty of this count two of murder and is hereby convicted as charged and accordingly sentenced to death.

“The sentence of this court upon you, Olalekan Hameed, is that you be hanged by the neck until you be pronounced dead and may the Lord have mercy upon your soul. This is the virtual judgment of the court.”

The court session held online via a video app Zoom. It began at 11am and ended before 2pm.


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