Hidden Secrets in Importation and Exportation Business

This is the breakthrough Mini importation and Exportation * training you need and you’ll say byebye to any other training on Importation and Exportation

No secrets or hidden contact


Introduction to IMPORTATION business

Introduction to EXPORTATION business


Full training on China importation business

Turkey, Malaysia,UK,US,Vietnam,Italy,India and Dubai Importation in addition to Hair Importation in details.

Final training on importation. business :How to run productive sponsored ads on Social media (Facebook , Instagram &WhatsApp channel TV)

How to link up your goods with Ecommerce (Jumia ,Konga etc.)

Videos on how to run a very productive ads,etc…

Exportation business ;List of exportable products, how to get foreign buyers, packaging, payment method, etc…

Continuation on Export; how to create a personal blogspot.

How to display your products on Alibaba for sale.

Paypal registeration.

WITH general questions and answers.


*How to Import any product with Small amount of Money! Below 10k(From China)

How to differentiate between the retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer on


*List of Hot selling Products you can import.

*How to link up with Legit China Agent and Suppliers to get goods/Products @ a Cheaper rate


*How to sell your Products and earn over 100% Profit.

*How to use Social Media tools(Facebook and Instagram,Etc) to sell your Products Fast and earn large.

*How to Make Money with JUMIA ,Konga and others with your Products.

*How to deliver your products to your customers Nationwide with Ease.

Also how to get your own e-commerce website with small amount

As you all know this basic class is free and sharing this group link to friends would be appreciated

I want us to follow the class as we move for better understanding!

I will be closing the group for now for full concentration and be opened again as we move… for questions and answers.

Let’s start the class…


The mini importation business is just an online small scale of importation of goods with a small capital and sell in your country at a high price. Mini importation practically involved buying and selling of goods.

Importation doesn’t begin and end with only China. it cuts across other countries like Malaysia, Turkey, USA ,UK,Vietnam, Italy , Dubai,etc but China is the main country where most importers import from since they offer quality product at a reduced price.

I know this is everybody’s question, how to import from home, sell in Nigeria and earn over 100% profit, let’s go into the training proper.

We all know 15 yrs ago ,you cant go into Mini importation if you dont have millions of Naira. But Internet and awareness has changed everything.

We call it Miniimportation because with little Capital(Money) like 15k you can start importing something yourself and earn Huge Profits.

If you want to be a part time Exporter/importer or Full -importer/Exporter ,you will need the following for*Importation& Exportation Business:

1.An Android Phone.  2.An internet access

3.ActiveBrowser(Preferably Chrome Browser).

4.An active Phone number.*

Question 1 you will ask yourself is wat are common things people need before u think of ordering for a product.

Some of the products you can think of ordering that sell like cake are…



2.Fibre hair



5.Female clothings

6.Lashes and nails

7.Wig tools


9.Male clothings ..Native

10.Male clothing.. English

11.Wax .

12.Lace fabric

13.Sample lace.


15.Natural hair products

16.Wrist watch.





21.Stones/appliques/Tailoring accessories.

22.Branding/logo of skin care, make up, weight loss etc products .


24.Perfumes .

25.Phone Accessories

26.Cake accessories

27.Make up

28.Womens heath/Slimming products

29.Kitchen/Catering items.

30.Sewing Materials and Fabrics,etc

Other hot selling products include


✅beauty products




✅Mini handbag

✅Teeth whitening gel

✅Kids school bag

✅Kids clothes


✅Hair curler

✅Bluetooth earpiece

✅Manual blender

✅other several items used on a daily basis

Example of some of the problem People face (Female this time around ) is an infection
There is this particular product you can order from China that can solve the problem, which people will order for it very well, you get it at a cheap price and u sell it high here in Nigeria and you see over 100% profit


This is the price on the Chinese site👆,1.5 yuan

1 yuan =#55, it varies thou from #52-#58, but basically #55

So the price on the site is less than #150 and sold here in Nigeria #1000 per one.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the cheapest place to buy products which is is a Chinese shopping website solely dedicated to catering for

the Chinese community.

Products here are sold for ridiculously cheaper prices than you would find on alibaba or aliexpress

This does not imply that they are fake at all.

They are highly qualitative products.

The reason they are cheap is because it is basically for the Chinese


As you know, China has a huge population and many

cottage industries thereby resulting in a glut of products and therefore

the massive low prices.

The population in China is very much as we all know ,thats why they can be able to produce different things with ease,moreover they also have high level of reasoning and Creativity.

So, let’s look some secret sites where you can source for cheap and quality products👇👇

The three best among the sites :

Other sites are called b2c sites because they deal with customers but we are working with a b2w site called 1688 which deals with wholesalers Yes wholesalers because the prices are quite cheap

Now I would want everybody to open on Google chrome is the cheapest of all for those buying to resale.


China is well populated as we all know and hence the need to provide for these teaming population. is the idea of alibaba group to give back to society. It’s basically for the Chinese. Ever wonder why the site is all Chinese?.

Items therefore has to be cheaper here.

Most suppliers on run online shops, but while listing their products on, they are obglied to beat the prices down and sell in the local currency yuan

For this lecture, we will be using 1yuan as 55naira (it ranges from 52-58 naira depending on your means of purchase)

Follow my pictures below to know how to use effectively, ensure to open all pictures.

Let’s do a little practical👇

This is the home page of,this is how it looks like when you login…the column where the arrow is pointing to is where you type whatever you want to search for

To translate the page to EnglishClick on the three dotted line below, it’ll bring out options like Chinese simply or translate to English, click on either of the options, it’ll translate to English

Sometimes the three dots is up ,click on translate and choose English,it will automatically translate the page to English.

You can also download Google translator on your phone playstore/Appstore ,so that whenever you enter the site ,it will automatically translate to English.

This is what I typed on the search bar….I typed hand bags

I yuan= #55 ,it varies thou but mostly #55,to calculate the cost of the product you wish to order for ,you multiply by #55 to get the Nigeria Naira Equivalent

For those of us not from Nigeria ,you can convert to Dollar or you check for your Currency exchange to yaun on Google. 1 yuan = $0.15

It is now presently within 58-65 naira though…. Cause of the pandemic but still coming back to normal

If there is anyone having space(storage) issue on phone…do this👇

1.Go to Settings on your phone

2.Go to Storage.

3.Click App

4.Click all the Cache on each app not ‘used data’ o but cache on the storage.

5.It will automatically free space on your phone

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