Herbalist Begs Nigerian Govt To Allow Him Treat COVID-19 Patients Free Of Charge


Herbalist Begs Nigerian Govt To Allow Him Treat COVID-19 Patients Free Of Charge A Trado-Medical practitioner in Ondo State, Dr. Ola Olasumbo, has asked the Federal and Ondo State governments to allow him to treat some COVID-19 patients free of charge.

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had last week said the state would soon begin the use of herbal drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.


Accepting the challenge while dressing newsmen in Akure, Mr Olasumbo said he had developed herbs to cure COVID-19 and all its symptoms.

The herbalist said:


“When the virus was reported in China with subsequent confirmed cases in other parts of the world, the association of herbal practitioners in Nigeria met and it was resolved that everyone should go into research towards finding a cure for the virus.

“After months of research, I discovered the drug which has already been produced. But what I’m waiting for now is NAFDAC’s approval for the clinical trial to commence.

“In the past, I have produced drugs which cured measles and chicken pox as well as other life threatening ailments. So, with this latest discovery, I’m certain that COVID-19 has been defeated.”


    1. The man should be given an approval but If I was the man o,firstly, If d government disapprove my approval,I would take the risk proving to them by experimenting it on someone who has the virus in as much it won’t kill dem,just to make them believe it works… only a brave person can do this tho

    2. It is only God that can help us in this country, it’s really obvious that we don’t value what we have in this country mostly our government are not really like to well come something they will not benefit from, they like to shipped from overseas so that they see more gains.

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