“Help me”- Policewoman cries out as a driver zooms off with her in his car after she entered ‘without permission’ (video)

A police officer was caught on tape crying out for help as a driver speed off with her in his car.

In a viral video, The uniformed woman who had reportedly entered the man’s car ‘without his consent’ and the driver zoomed off with her.

When she realises the driver won’t stop, she panics and tries to wrestle with him for control of the car.

When that doesn’t work, she begins screaming out of the window for help.

Watch the video below.

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In other news, A Nigerian identified as OluwaFemi-Eden, took to his social media page to narrate his horrifying story of how he escaped a ritualist camp.

According to Oluwafemi, he boarded a cab going to Bodija but to his utmost shock, he woke up almost unclad, tied in an unknown location. He recalled seeing blood on the ground and when he looked around, he saw that some passengers who were in the cab with him had been k#lled.

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