”He swore over a hard copy of the Bible that he will k#ll me and my parents- wife of Akwa Ibom politician, Robinson Uwak, accuses him of domestic violence and threat to life

The wife of a politician in Akwa Ibom state, Kezia Irek has call out her husband, Hon. Robinson Uwak, for allegedly abusing her physically and threatening to k#ll her and her parents.

Kezia stated In a post shared on her Facebook page, The distraught wife said she got married to robinson after he claimed he had finalized his divorce proceedings with his first wife.

Kezia said trouble started when she found out he had not fully divorced his first wife and she decided to leave the marriage, She accused Uwak of pulling a machete at her and threatening to k#ll her and her parents. She also mentioned that he vowed to flee to the US and send kidnappers to her so they can k#ll her and her parents.

She mentioned that Uwak said he will never allow another woman walk out of his life after his first wife did. She claimed he vowed he will never allow her to have custody of their children.

Posting photos of her injured body on her page, the distraught wife wrote

”HON. ROBINSON UWAK STRANGLED ME and ATTEMPTED to k#ll me when HE FOUND OUT I WAS TRYING to leave the marriage & he did this right in the room where my children were asleep.*

*He kicked my parents out of his house at 2AM after he put a machete to my mom’s neck and kicked her twice to the ground causing her to injure herself and break her phone.*

*He lied to me that he was not married to his ex wife anymore- that he was divorced.*

He is now threatening to k#ll me and my parents for me leaving him.

I have Pictures, Videos & Audio evidence.

I got married to him after he deceived my family and I that he was divorced from his ex wife. Stating that his marriage was annulled because it didn’t legally exist- this was a lie. He deceived my family and I into being married to him.

I sit here in terrible pains from my head to my toes after I was terribly battered by my so called “husband” while he accused me of unfounded and blatant lies. My neck is swollen and hurts- I can’t swallow well- from how he tied my neck with the nape of what I was wearing and used both hands to strangle me telling me he will “k#ll me and go to jail.” He used his feet to stomp on my chest with all of his might and I have severe chest pains & aches. He slapped and pounded my skull with his fists so many times- hitting my head hard against the tiles in his room over and over while my children slept in the next room.

On the 27th of May around 8AM, He charged into my room where I sleep with my twins and started to accuse me falsely. Before I could open my mouth to even understand what was happening, he flung me on the floor and began to strangle me. I was screaming. I was horrified. He then told me to move to his room- next door- he locked all the windows and doors & commanded me sit on the floor & then proceeded to tell me that I can never leave the marriage- and break up his home- he said will k#ll my family and I. He said he is ready to commit murder. He said it doesn’t matter how long it takes, 5-10-15-20 years, that he will find my parents and I and k#ll us. He will use N50 million, even N100 million to send kidnappers and killers to end my life and that of my parents. He said I cannot embarrass him maritaly a second time.

That he only let his first wife go because she didn’t have kids. But he will k#ll me before I leave him. And that I cannot have custody of his kids. He said I will always look over my shoulder in this country for the rest of my life. and that he will leave to the U.S and pay people here in Nigeria to k#ll me and my parents. He swore over and over on a hard copy of the Bible that he will k#ll me & my parents.

He claims he uses the services of the SSS to track the phones of people in my life against their wills. Please his friends in DSS & SSS need to be investigated.

He threatens my friends and family at any provocation.

I found out he is still in a divorce tussle with his ex wife and I began to make moves with my lawyer on how to leave the marriage because it means my marriage to him is void & he’s committing bigamy.

He is lying that I’m interested in his property- and I want to k#ll him for his money- how is that possible when I’m trying to get the marriage declared void?-

I only want my kids and I’m not interested in the marriage again.

He said Nigeria is a lawless country and nothing can happen to him and even if I tell anyone all his threats, no one will believe me because I have no proof. But I have audio recordings of him saying this.

In January he put a machete to my mom’s neck and kicked her down twice to the coal tar in his estate- injuring her. That day, he kicked my mom & dad out of his house because I didn’t make noodles & eggs for him at 2am in the morning. He made me stand outside the house in the cold at 2AM like an animal for not making food.

The truth of his wickedness to me and my family are too many and horribly frightening! We have been living a nightmare! Please my life and the lives of my parents are in danger. I just want to live with my kids peacefully without the threat of death hanging over me. I didn’t do wrong to marry this man. My family didn’t do wrong to accept & believe him.

I have pictures, audios and videos of all I’m saying. I am tired of living in fear. I’m tired of being silent. My aged parents do not deserve this. They didn’t do wrong by allowing me marry him. They don’t deserve to die because they allowed me to marry him.

He said Nigeria is lawless & there is no law and order in Nigeria.

He said he will wait for the police, army and NAPTIP to be tired of my case- then he will k#ll me & my parents.

Please I’m appealing for help! International NGOs, Nigerian Government-please help! My family and I are in danger!”