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Group asks INEC to open up on election modalities


The Kogi Liberation Front has stated that a lot of information regarding the processes and procedures for the Bayelsa and Kogi states’ governorship elections are still not in the open.

The group urged the Independent Electoral Commission not to frustrate the credibility, openness and fairness of the elections through its conspiracy of silence on critical issues such as the mode of transmission of election results and the implications of the recent Supreme Court judgment on its insistence on using card readers in the election.

A statement by the Coordinator and Secretary of the group, Andrew Ichala and Agude Ameh, respectively, explained that it was dangerous that INEC had not told the world how results would be transmitted.

The statement read, “INEC has come out to tell us that it would use card readers in the Kogi and Bayelsa elections, but many critical questions have been left unanswered.

“For instance, has the commission weighed the implications of the recent Supreme Court judgment on these elections and what are the operational procedures to be utilised by INEC for the collation of election results from polling units to wards, local governments and state levels?

“All these unanswered questions will affect the outcome of the polls and it will be in the interest of the commission, based on its professed readiness to conduct a free and fair election, to provide answers before it is too late.”

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