July 2, 2022
It is important that the government has the people in mind, in time of a medical crisis as the COVID 19, lives are important and not meaningless

It is said that the local government is the closest to the minority that is the poor masses. This is very true, but what use is that when the same masses are not in the minds of the political leaders. According to reports, the above picture is evidence of so called palliative rendered to a community in the sub of Lagos. A local government with inhabitants of over a thousand were given three bacco bag sized filled with rice, beans, sachete tomatoes in one of the bags.

The inhabitants of this community according to reports showed their disapproval, disappointment and detest for this unreasonable act, and made their complain to the local government whilst returning the so called palliative brought.

This was just supposedly weeks after the first public speech was given by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari. Some individuals could hear the locals say “is this for one family”, “how are to share this amongst this vast community” another person jokingly said “each person would get a spoon each of the content”. An Elder of the community was seen showing his remorse vocally as he stated his shock over the quantity he saw. As funny as all these were so was the case, because the content of the so called COVID 19 PALLIATIVE was a mockery of the good will of the mass donors around the country.

Given the stay at home order in previous weeks and the relaxation of the order come May 4, 2020, and the rate of new cases increasing on a daily basis, the life and health of individuals still stand at an unabated mortality rate.

Some individuals have reportedly shown their disapproval of relaxation of the lockdown order at the same time expressed their disappointment on the part of the government towards providing food and other essential materials for the common man and the most vulnerable.

According to a statement by the Lagos State Governor, he stated that palliatives had been distributed to various communities but the bone of contention is the debate on whether these communities received the same as shown in the picture above.

With the people’s morale now high as the lockdown is being relaxed, their dependence on the government which had long been forfeited now has a new hope. Going to work, their livelihood, wages, salaries hope to pay off amidst the fear of the Coronavirus still lurking around.

This question still resounds in the minds of the masses, ranging from the alleged amount of money to be sent to the accounts of individuals with no more than N5000 in their accounts, to the food palliative etc, they wonder what the transparency of the government is, how were the money donated, borrowed or probably stolen utilized?

75 thoughts on “Government Palliative

  1. Nigerian government are so disappointing and annoying sometimes. How can one small bacco bag of rice feed a family that consist more than ten people… This people are really taken us for granted

    1. At times keh..abi everytime…ND it’s not for a family they brought it for o…..it’s for d whole community can u imagine

  2. Government palliative….. Hmmmmm feeding people like beggars in a country we all have equal rights in.Our so called fatherland

  3. When the government are tiring to do something they complain we should learn to be appreciative no matter how small it’s

    1. Appreciate what…3 backo bag of rice,beans…for over a thousand household….how them want take share am…

  4. If they know that’s what they want to share…they should not bother it’s of no use…….useless government

  5. How e wish God is not a merciful God, all our leaders need to be punished

  6. Palliative indeed, just to show to the world Nigerian leaders care

  7. God is a righteous Judge,I know that God will help this nation

  8. They should emulate Ifeanyi Uba and change from fed govt to practice individual palliative giving

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