George Floyd funeral to be held at his native town Houston on Tuesday

African American George Floyd, who died at the police custody after a policeman knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes will be buried at his native town Houston on Tuesday.

There as been a global protest over his death with the hash tag #BlackLivesMatters with many showing their anger towards how Black Americans as been dying by the hands of the White Americans.

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Police brutality and racism has been a major issue in the United States and earlier this year, Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead by an ex-policeman while he was jogging on the road.

Thousands of well-wishers filed past Floyd’s coffin in a public viewing Monday as there was a $1 million bail set by a court for the Whiteman officer who killed him in Minneapolis.

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Three other policemen involved in Floyd’s arrest appeared in court last week to face a charge of aiding and abetting his murder and all four officers have been fired.

Many were seen kneeling down and saying a silent prayer for Floyd while some made a cross sign as they approach the casket to say their last goodbye while some bowed their heads to honor the man who was the latest victim of the racial injustice and police brutality.

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