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Four Countries Not In Good Terms With Nigeria


At present, Nigerians are tagged as scammers responsible for breaking heart of white ladies in the internet by either emptying there account or borrow to pay when scammed.

In another face of the issue facing the country, is the trouble of corruption and that a very big and hot topic disturbing the nation as a whole.

Never forgetting history as it was made, Nigeria had helped lots of countries in so many ways such as fighting war, sourcing them with financial needs but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a big country known to be ‘giant of Africa’, which such the nation was able to gain freedom but not to the pace of it’s citizen enjoying the benefits.

In and out of the world globally Nigerians had helped grow other countries.

Now, the issue is: ‘why are Nigerian maltreated in other countries?’

Like a popular saying, come home when outside is not favorable.

Below are some countries which in one way or the other don’t like seeing Nigerians dominate their land:


1. South Africa

It’s fair to say that there’s long been a rivalry between Nigeria and South Africa.


Many Nigerians see South Africa as their only other competitor on the continent for sporting prowess, cultural output and economic strength.

They’re Africa’s two biggest economies, taking it in turns as the top economic performer.

Culturally, Nigeria’s popular Afrobeats music has been a global force for years now, and its artists are some of the most famous African musicians in the world.


The country has Africa’s fastest growing music industry and is projected to be worth $86m (£70m) in 2020.

Nevertheless South Africa’s music industry is larger still, with a projected growth of $178 million by the same year.

2. Libya

It was so easy to spot blacks in Libya when they conquer its leader.


Nigerians at the hands Libya are like grenade thrown in bucket of water.

You all recall when Nigerians are sold out for slavery in Libya. Well in this case, some face this trouble due to illegal migration into the country but without any concern, it shows the level of how blacks especially Nigerians suffer in hands of the beast staying in the country.

3. Malaysia

Malaysia an Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo.

The country which is best known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences.

Malaysia which tagged Nigerians as drug traffickers and scammer tarnishing the color of the nation.

Nigeria which currently has the highest number of foreigners who have been sentenced to death in Malaysia.

According to report by Amnesty International, a human rights organization which revealed how 119 Nigerians were on death row in Malaysia.

The death penalty which was retained as the punishment for 33 offences in the Asian country and is mandatory for 12 of these, according to the report, “Fatally flawed: Why Malaysia must abolish the death penalty”.

As of February 2019, Amnesty reported, a total of 1,281 people were on death row in Malaysia, including 568 (44%) foreign nationals.

Of these foreign nationals, 21% are Nigerians, with others from Indonesia (16%), Iran (15%), India (10%), Philippines (8%) and Thailand (6%) and other countries.

4. Ghana

Ghana a country with approximately 30million people which spans a variety of ethnic, religious group and linguistic.

According to report, the country comprises of 71.2% of Christian and 17.6% of muslims.

Remember that, Nigeria partially closed its border with Benin leading West Africa to “curb rice smuggling” which Abuja claimed was pushing local producers into bankruptcy.

This action led to Ghana to close some markets which will favor Nigerians in the country.

*This post is not promoting any nation, political or side issue but to enlighten the unity and love among countries and development.

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