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For you-Is it weird for a 13 year old girl to sleep with her dad?- See answers

I think it’s really telling reading all the responses that immediately say that this is wrong. Had the question been “Is it weird for a 13 year old girl to sleep with her mum?” I wonder if the responses would be the same.

Assuming nothing sexual is taking place then I don’t see the problem. For the ones who would say it’s fine to share a bed with the mother but not the father, ask yourself WHY you feel this way. I’m not remotely close to my dad so I wouldn’t share a bed with him but if I were as close to him as I am to my mum- I wouldn’t think anything of it. The people who think it’s wrong obviously think male+female+bed=something sexual.

I also wonder what the response would be if the question was “Is it weird for a 13 year old boy to sleep with his mum?”

I wonder if the question has been posed because the asker thinks it’s weird or because they have shared this with others thinking nothing of it and received negative comments. If it’s the former- I suggest you tell your dad that it makes you feel uncomfortable and you would prefer your own space. If it’s the latter then to hell with them. Do whatever you are happy and comfortable with.

In America we have some seriously messed up ideas on social conduct. People are bent into believing that regardless of the situation males and females do not lay down in the same place if both are entering puberty to being full grown because something sexual will happen.

So even though a father is sleeping in a bed, if his daughter is over 13 or so, (it varies), he’s a pervert of some kind for allowing her to sleep alongside him,… because of course he is going to do “something” because she is female – forget that she is family.

In other parts of the world family sleeps together regardless of gender for warmth or comfort. a hundred years ago men and women in America could most times sleep in the same place for warmth – it was a only if it became a habit that people looked at you sideways.

Sorry – showing my irritation.


No, its not weird, just not the norm in some western countries.


it’s sad to see so many answers saying it’s bad and shouldn’t happen at all.

to start from the beginning, i think it’s one of the biggest problems in modern society that people sleep in separated beds and rooms from such a young age. physical touching and closeness is probably the most important way of showing affection. parents should give lots of affection to their children so they deeply know that they are loved and worth to be loved. if this doesn’t happen sufficiently the children will lack this knowledge and will have severe problems later in life, seeking for outside approvement all the time or if that fails trying to numb out the pain that a lack of approvement causes with food, entertainment and drugs. just look at modern societies.

that being said, parents and children sleeping in the same bed, even cuddling and showing affection, no matter the age is a very good thing that always should be encouraged. if there are sexual emotions or actions involved and/ or one of the people involved feels uncomfortable that’s a completely different situation that is obviously not OK and should stop.

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