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Food brizzare: See Eome Eood Eaten In China That Got People Worrying!

Chinese people LOVE to eat.

If eating is a sport, no other country will come close. I’ve never seen a nation having so much time for consuming anything that walks, crawls, flies swims, slithers or grows in my whole life until I traveled to China. Strange foods.

I love eating therefore, most of the days of my life, I’ve have been boasting that I can eat anything in the world until China seriously tested all of my culinary barriers.

Some food eaten in china are

1. Scorpions

Deep-fried on a stick. Choose to have yours seasoned with salt, chili salt or whatever else the vendor is offering. If you close your eyes and forget about what you are snacking on, you might be able to stomach it.

2.Thousand-year-old eggs

Duck eggs coated with lime, ashes, and mud, soaked in brine for 100 days until the yolk turns green and the whites become gelatinous and dark brown. The eggs have a creamy cheese flavour with a strong smell. Sound inviting? Only 3 left to complete this list of bizarre foods to eat in China.

3.Roasted Street Bird or Whole Pigeons

Yes, only because I love the food served on a stick, this had to make it to my list. I found this one quite impressive, because it is an entire street bird threaded on a stick, dipped in a marinade for all that flavor and roasted.

I didn’t eat one because I was too full from consuming all those foods I mentioned at the top of my list. Next time maybe?

4. Millipede

5. Bed bug 🐛

  1. Rat

7. Snake

8. Earthworm

See more pictures below

Many people believe some of the food might have been the cause of Coronavirus as earlier research shows that the disease might have been transmitted to humans through an animal medium.

Can you eat any of the food above?


  1. They have appetite for eating anything, no wonder corona virus has come from there. COVID19 should have been named Wuhan virus or China virus just as we have Lassa fever.

  2. if paraventure such as coronavirus breaks out again from your end, then i will make a dangerous praying and fasting for your exit from the earth.

  3. Some of the things eaten in china are actually worrying like scorpion, butterfly lava and bat. They are going too far with food. They need to be careful what they eat.

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