Five Countries In The World Where You Can Be Killed If You’re A Christian

Five countries in the world where they will kill you for being a Christian, Number 2 is the worst among them, they have special Islamic groups for the execution of Christians in the country. Number 4 and 2 is another thing, Churches and bible are illegal in number four country.

Researchers shows us that 29% of the world populations are Christians, that doesn’t means that the remaining 71% are Muslims, there thousands of religions all over the world, it’s just that Christianity took 29% of the population.

I know it will sound absurd if i say there are some countries in the world where there is no churches not to talk of Christianity in there, but that’s not what am here to discuss with, we will discuss that some other time, here am going to tell you five countries where they hate Christianity religion like mad, infact they can kill you for worshipping Jesus.

Below are the countries;

1. North Korea

This country ruled by Kim Jong-un is in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, just about 1.2% out of the country’s population are Christians out of the 29% Christians all over the world.

What happens exactly in this country is that, their citizens were mandated to worship their leaders, they worship the ruling leaders, if they worship anything apart from the supreme leader, they are in big trouble, that’s why you hardly see churches in the country, even Christians always hide in the country.

2. Somalia

Somalia’s main religion is Islam, it’s even the worst country where they don’t like to see you being a Christian, 99% of the country is full of Islamic religion worshipers.

Somalia has an Islamic special group called Al Shabaab, this group is created for getting rid of Christians in the country, Christians also hide in this country cause they don’t want to die, you can hardly see a church in this country as well.

3. Afghanistan

Just like Somalia, less than 1% of Afghanistan’s population are Christians, though there are lots of hiding Christians in this country but the do it secretly.

4. Maldives

In this country, the church is illegal, in fact in our research, Christians in this country are not more than 50, Bible is illegal in this country, it’s a punishable offense which cam leads to death in the Maldives.

5. Yemen

Any Christians are this country were mostly killed by Al Qaida’s members, churches and Christians were carrying out their activities secretly in this country, they worship in private.

What’s your reaction to this as a Nigerian?

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  1. Nigeria is blessed if not for our greedy leaders,all religions are welcome here, its a Freeland.Don’t we all worship the God?

  2. God have said it in the Bible that my people are perished because they lack of wisdom, may be they think that God will judge by religion, I believed that before judgement day there going to accept Jesus Christ has there lord and personal saviour.

  3. Christians should leave those Islamic countries and go to other countries where Christianity is welcomed and leave God to judge those Muslims because that religions that kill people anyhow and they don’t have value for I think the case should be between them and God

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