Fiction: Young lady seeks advice as her Christian parents disown her for being in love with a Muslim boy


My Christian Parents Disowned me for being in Love with a Muslim

A young girl who is from a Christian family had taken to her social media platform to complain about his parents who disowned her for being in love with a Muslim boy, and she seeks advice from friends who should advice her on what to do in such a situation knowing well that love is so strong and to please one’s parents too is very important and necessary especially in this African society.

The girl seem to be distressed and much concerned about the situation and the attitude of his parents towards her which made her to seek advice, but many people had replied her, some feel she should obey her parents that there are numerous christians she could fall in love with, while some advised her to follow her mind with the notion that her personal happiness matters lot.


Love knows no background and no race or religion, what I think matter most too is our opinion and personal belief, she can go on loving the Muslim boy and know how to talk to her parents in a subtle way about it, they will understand how she feels.



    1. Probably we lack knowledge. Christian parents will never want their children to marry a Muslim brother and vise versa. Then where is love we are both preaching?
      What is the sign that we agree that we are both calling same God?
      We need wisdom and knowledge.

    2. I can’t even think of dating a Muslim whereas marrying him…they are not of the same faith. My dear flee from that guy and make peace with ur parents cos they are the ones that will give u their blessing and if they don’t do that hmmm……my dear listen to ur parents they can’t mislead u

      1. My dear I know our parent truly love us but when it comes to choice making sometimes not only our parents but every other person can mislead it is better as a grown up person to follow your heart.. beside that she’s not even changing her faith one’s there is understanding btw the two of them,I think they are good to go

    3. What the Elders are seeing while sited, the young ones never sees it while standing on a high rock. Ask your parent apart from religion any reasons for their action.

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