Fiction: Woman Stab Man Friend For Raping Daughter

A woman has stabbed her man friend six times after allegedly coming across him naked on her thirteen-year-old daughter on Sunday 23 Feb 2020

The woman reportedly went into a serious fight after seeing her man friend with her daughter and stabbed him three times in his chest  and twice at his back head and at his stomach.

Neither the woman nor her boyfriend has been charged guilty or not guilty of the incident. The woman and her man friend gave conflicting accounts of the attack. Police responded to a call for help at about 4:00am after the man has called for help.

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The woman said that “her man friend tried to sleep with her daughter and she stabbed him to defending herself after going into a serious fight with him” according to police record.

The man was said to have told police that he was stabbed because his girlfriend was concerned that her thirteen-year-old daughter may have been developing feelings for him.

He did not offer any more detail about the incident. The woman and her daughter also gave conflicting account of what exactly happened in the lead up to the stabbing.

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Police reports say that the woman was put in a serious fight after seeing her man friend on top of her daughter.

she then grabbed a knife to defending herself after going into a serious fight with her man friend and stabbed him according to the police report.

The woman and her daughter suffered some cuts to their hands during the incident.

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  1. That is what suits the woman, why will she bring her boyfriend home when she knows that she has a daughter why not go to her boyfriend house to met him even two of the are guilty. Like mother, like daughter

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