Fiction: I Am Secretly Sleeping With My Pastor And I feel guilty – Should I Tell My Pastors Wife ?

With everything that is happening around me, it feels like everything is turning apart for me.

My name is Anita Chika, I am a girl that comes from a good Christian home and I am just 23 years old, I go to church almost every day when I come back from work and I do offering every time I go to church…..

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My pastor is very good most especially to me at church, he always attends to me especially when everyone is out of the church and I do appreciate it because a lot of things come from being together with him.

sometimes if we are alone we would go to the church toilet together to have some fun and sometimes we would do it on the church floor but most times we prefer to go to the hotel.

I observe that I fall in love with him around last week when I could not find him in the church because he traveled so I missed him a lot.

I decided to tell my pastor wife about us yesterday because I am a good Christian and because my pastor wife is a very nice person and she was so caring so I felt guilty

please I just need a piece of good advice from you, should I tell her about me and her husband or I should keep it a secrete?


  1. You felt remorse for the bad thing and you told the wife; that is a good step in the right direction. By this, I think you have freed yourself from the sin if God forgives you. Pastor is supposed to be your spiritual father, giving you direction to follow but sank into fornication and adultery with you. He has a case with God. How many young girls like do you think that pastor is spoiling their lives?

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