“Fears” as Us Oil Refinery Catches Fire

No one was hurt said plant owners Exxon Mobil after there was an explosion at the Us Oil refinery on Tuesday that resulted in a huge fireball and social media clips showed it.

According to a Facebook user, David Allen who posted the videos on social media, flames were seen shooting right from the up of the Louisiana Chemical Centre.

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“There were no casualties recorded,” said an Exxon spokesman, with all personnel accounted for, he told AFP in a statement. The fire was contained to the area where it occurred.

Paint and Plastic milk jugs are some of the products they produced and the company in southern American states is also into the production of some ranged oil-based such as diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

The perimeter and the surrounding areas of North Baton Rouge will be actively monitored, the spokesman added, though”at this point, all readings are non-detect.


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