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Evidence Shows that COVID-19 virus is From Wuhan lab – Trump says After he threatens tariffs

US President Donald Trump on Thursday vulnerable new tariffs against the capital of Red China as he claimed to own seen proof linking the coronavirus to a work in China’s ground-zero town of the city.

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Asked if he had seen something giving him a high degree of confidence that the city Institute of medical specialty was the origin of the eruption, Trump replied, “Yes, I have.” ironed by reporters at the White House for details on what created him thus assured, Trump replied: “I cannot tell you that.” Asked regarding reports he might cancel United States of America debt obligations to China within the row over the origins of the coronavirus, Trump aforementioned he “can have it off with tariffs.”


  1. We also believe the virus is from Wuhan laboratory and that is why China owe us explanation of how they killed so many people from the planet earth.

  2. We are not still certain of this because we need concrete evidence to enable us know if that claim is right or wrong. Coronavirus looks like a disease that is beyond human comprehension. I think it is from the pit of hell.

  3. Through thorough investigation we’ll get to know weather really it China that produce the virus in order to slow down activities of other nations or not

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