July 2, 2022
Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has fired back at her ex-boyfriend, David Falegan after he said his next girl must have a degree as he can't settle for less again.

Nollywood Actress , Nkechi Blessing Sunday has fired back at her estranged boyfriend, David Falegan after he said his next girl must have at least a university degree as he can’t make the same mistake again.

According to Falegan’s Instastory, he disclosed that he has the right to end any relationship if he’s tired of it and shouldn’t be expected to be with someone who smokes at all times, he also disclosed that he is pursuing a doctorate degree and his next girl won’t be known for social media notoreity and must have a degree as education shapes people and won’t leave them “delusional”.

Reacting to this, Nkechi Blessing Sunday alleged that Falegan is still broke with all his degrees. She added that his ex-wife who has a degree allegedly dumped him too.

The actress also claimed that Falegan has been dumped by 3 women and he allegedly kept begging her not to leave because he doesn’t know what people will say.

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