#EndSARS: Segalink explain why he supported the re-opening of Lekki tollgate

Popular social media activist Segun Awosanya, well-known as Segalink, has confirmed that he supports the Lekki toll gate’s re-opening.

Kemi Filani News had earlier reported that five members of the Lagos State Panel of Inquiry vested to investigate the alleged massacre of unarmed #EndSARS protesters by members of the Nigeria Army had approved the re-opening of the plaza.

Five out of the nine members of the panel who supported the re-opening of the plaza in a team led by Rtd. Justice Doris Okwuobi, Taiwo Lakanu, DIG (Rtd.), Lucas Koyejo, Segun Awosanya (Segalink), and Mrs. Oluwatoyin.

Displeased with the five members’ decision to re-opening the plaza, Nigerians took to social media to dragged the frontier of the #EndSARS movement, Segalink, for supporting the re-opening of the toll gate.

Segalink was further accused of having sabotage the efforts of the youths to end police brutality.

Responding to the youths’ outrage, Segalink explained why he accepted to allow the re-opening of the plaza in a long thread tweets.

He said, “I’m not the enemy; by the time you figure that out, it may be too late already. Society may have frustrated any rationality in doing good or taking responsibility for the sake of the collective. We’re our own problems & we’ve refused to take responsibility but point fingers.

“It is futile making logical sense when emotions are running wild. Where in the world do you deploy sentiments and injustice to obtain justice? Is the panel an opinion panel or a judicial panel? Have you taken out time to read the ruling? Did this nullify the cases? Is this the end?

“How many scientists do you find staying perpetually by the microscope without leaving to work on his findings? Recall that people work in the establishment too? We all use that road. Imagine locking the whole road under claims of an ongoing investigation without the need to visit.

“There are always other routes to ensure justice without becoming the demons we fight. We need not make life harder for others just to prove a point. Everyone is entitled to fairness, equity, and presumption of innocence until proven guilty. An investigation is done, cases are ongoing.

“Imagine shutting down police and Army in the name of an ongoing investigation. This, to me, is not in the spirit of justice. Read the ruling, and if it errs on the ground of Law, Justice, and Equity, then we can look into that. Thus, far there’s no such claim.

“Who will you call when armed robbers strike after shutting down those instituted to curb this due to claims of investigation, especially when it can work concurrently with their operation? Think deeply about those misleading you to think you have been betrayed. You’re being used.

“Think for a bit if we agreed with the obviously biased group seeking to use the panel to settle an old score with LCC, you don’t think LCC will appeal such decision and still take back their property, having established that we no longer have anything to do there?

“Where does that leave the cases of an alleged victim before the panel? Do you ever think any institution of state will ever appear or honor the summons of a tainted panel? Think while it is still legal. Justice must be fair to all. I have no personal interest in this.”

See some his tweets below;’

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