eBay seller accidentally posts her n#de photo while listing her air-fryer for sale

A seller accidentally post her n#de picture on eBay, an online auction site which allow users to buy and sell items, while listing her air-fryer for sale, Which was really embarrassing.

The woman believed to be in her 20s, listed four snaps of their Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker for auction on eBay earlier this week,

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Rather than sharing another zoomed-in shot of the kitchen essential, the seller accidentally posted a n#de photo of herself which was clearly not intended for the advert, However, it’s the last photo which really got people talking and instantly dozens of buyers place a bid.

She was spotted standing in front of her bedroom mirror in nothing but a pair of skimpy black p@nts, However before the picture was taken down an eagle-eyed online shopper spotted the raunchy listing and posted it on Twitter.