Best Tips to Make More grams on Naijapalaba


- Read More News Daily - you earn
- Contribute by adding comments to the Nigerian news
- Share News Post To various Social Media Platform e.g Facebook, Twitter and more...
- Become friends with the author of the post to find what he or she will post in the future.
- Add more new friends, to get reward from what they post.
- Update your status to start conversations or share interesting photos on your activity
- Participate in Groups.
- Make More Profit from GiftShops. (Licensed user Only)

[LICENSE] What is License Key (Private Token)?
License Key or Private Token is a unique and personal encrypted key that boost earnings and secure funds. License Key Ensure account security. License Key Protects Funds from theft, and permit only validated owner to be in control of his/her Withdrawal. GiftShops is available to users with License Key.
Note: Keep your Key to Yourself. Its the only key that protects your money gram funds.

[LICENSE] I don't have a license Key.
To Boost your earnings today, Subscribe and Buy License key for your account ==> CLICK HERE

[LICENSE] Will my License Key expires?
Each License key is considered used after every cash-out, therefore render license key expires after cash-out.

License Key is only a one-time issued certificate cannot be generated twice for an account. Which means two users cannot own a key and can never withdraw with a single license key.

Note: Your Private Token will not expire as long as you do not perform any withdrawal with it.

[LICENSE] If i Lost my License Key?
Contact us directly, we can retrieve your License Key using your account username. [CLICK HERE]

Note: Our Agent will not ask for your account password, and do not share with anyone.

[LICENSE] What Happen After i withdraw my grams?
After you withdraw, your license key Expires? your account automatically go back to free Earnings. Kindly buy new license key to continue securing and boosting your earning.

[LICENSE] Is my License Key and Account Secure?
Yes, your license key is 100% secure. Make sire you validate your license key yourself, keep the license key to only yourself, then withdraw with your key whenever you feel you want to perform withdrawal

[LICENSE] How to validate my account?
After you purchase your license key, follow the below procedure:
1) Click here
2) Insert your correct username
3) insert your license key.
then finally, click on "Validate License Key" button.

Help: Having trouble validating your license key, [ watch video ]

[FUND] How much can i withdraw from my Money Gram dashboard?
Each standard account can withdraw up to 300,000 from account. You can withdraw any time. Just have your license key with you. T&C applied

Note: NIP vendors will not ask for your account password, and do not share with anyone.

[FUND] When can i withdraw my fund?
Based on license limit, withdrawal can be performed every 1st-2nd and 16th-17th of each month.

Note: with your license key, we accept you are withdrawing your funds yourself. So keep your key safe against theft.

[FUND] When/How will my fund be processed?
Bank Transfer => Usual payment is process withing 24 hours (48hours for delayed payment, due to bank network).

Bitcoin, USDT (Tether) => It takes 5 days for bitcoin payment for non-Nigerian users. when calculating the transfer amount to cryptocurrency the network fee is included. The fee amount depends on the cryptocurrency exchange rate and network load. Please keep in mind that bitcoin rate is very unstable. More info here.

Help: Am non-Nigeria, how do i Join NaijaPalaba Money Gram?.... Kindly send us a WhatsApp message on +2348066638474 for help.

[FUND] What is ProfitShop? Profit shop is a Nationwide earners store that gives license users more bonuses of about 50,000 Nigerian nairas daily using different type of shopping tools. ProfitShop is only enabled for standard license users.

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