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Double Delight On Deck At BBNaija last Saturday Party


It’s no secret that the Pepper Dem Season draws to a close. What you don’t know is what we got planned for the final Saturday Night Party. Now you are about to find out. For months, we’ve given you nothing but the most lit Saturday Night Parties and on this final note, we figured what better way to end it than to go out with a bang of double delights. Tonight, we are going to have not just one, but two amazing DJs. Tonight, DJ Obi and Dj Ssnatch take control of the deck as they take us into the world of unimaginable musical explosion.

A Record Party

Famed for setting a Guinness world record in 2016 for performing a 240-hour back-to-back set, Obi Ajuonuma AKA DJ Obi has another task tonight – to set the record for the most lit and electrifying Saturday Night Party of the Season. If his entertaining performances are anything to go by, you know setting this record will be a piece of cake for him. Starting his career as a radio DJ, DJ Obi has gone on to win several awards and hosted some of the biggest parties in Nigeria and Europe.

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Snatching Vibes

Also performing alongside DJ Obi to keep the energy on the dancefloor at an all-time high is Dj Ssnatch and going by his previous sets, tonight will be legendary. Not new to the scene, DJ Ssnatch is what you get when you mix a classic man with superb DJ skills.

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Tonight, he brings a blend of class to his set at the Saturday Night Party and one thing is certain, if he isn’t snatching our weaves, he will be coming for our souls on the dancefloor.

Battle Of The DJs?


Right after Gladiators battle, DJ battles come a close second. Will there be a battle? We can’t say for certain but we are definitely looking forward to one. None of the DJs lined up for tonight has ever shied away from a battle and tonight won’t be the time they do. If there’s going to be a royal rumble between the DJs, you don’t want to miss it.   

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The Pepper Dem Saturday Night Party is rumoured to be the biggest Party of the season and we can’t wait to get it started.

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