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Do you remembered the lies you were told concerning this reptile – Read This

Do you still remembered the lies you were told concerning this reptile?

This particular reptile is not the common type that you will see moving around our environment most of the time; and if one way or the other you come across it, it will definitely going to be in a strange environment.

Because of the nature and life style of this reptile, our grand parents have taken advantage of it and told us lies that automatically instilled fears of ever going close to the reptile anytime we come across it.

Some of the lies I was told was: it is the reptile that changes into a snake and another was; anytime we come across this reptile and that we are bound to see a snake close by.

Back in those days what we do anytime we saw the reptile was to began singing a very funny song telling the reptile that we have seen it and that before it can become a snake we ourselves have changed into a needle.

Am very sure some people still remember the song, even till now I am still singing the song.

Another thing again; even right now that I am grown I am still afraid of the reptile anytime I saw it and will stay away from that particular area as the fear of meeting a snake still frightened me.

About you, have you even been told familiar story about this reptile?

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