It is will be a tragedy that while growing up you’ve always had this good and wild thought of how you want your marriage to be like but unfortunately getting to the stage of settling down you ended up marrying your enemy.

You must understand that the next thing after hell fire is bad marriage and bad marriage is caused by marrying your enemy.


Before you finally choose who you want to spend the rest of your life with what and what have you asked yourself? you must ask yourself these questions

  1. Have you prayed about it?
  2. what are his/her intentions towards me?
  3. Is he/she the kind of person you have always aspire to meet?
  4. Do your discussions and sense of reasonings always align in the same or similar direction or are you reasoning A and your partner is reasoning Z?
  5. Is he/she there to see you rise or fall or are you both into a competition of letting me see who rises or falls?

NOTE “ Once you make the mistake of marrying your enemy you have ended up your career and destiny”



    1. It is a mistake you make. For a life time ,when you marry a wrong life partner.
      Don’t be coerced,compelled and cajoled into marrying someone you don’t really love.
      It will definitely crash,damage and separate .
      Please marry someone you truly LOVE, “its for better or for worse,till death do them apart”

    2. I think the headline needs to be rephrased. U can’t obviously marry ur enemy. Even if the marriage breaks. You should understand that it wasn’t just meant to be. Some people have dated for years but didn’t last 2 years in marriage. Just pray that God directs your path

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