Dencia: I hate how Africans think the government is fucked up

Africa is regarded by many as a third world continent and citizens from African countries usually look for ways to leave to Europe with the hope of getting better opportunities.

Well, popular singer and entrepreneur, Dencia recently took to her Twitter page to make Africans see that their continent is not as bad as they think. She explained that even first world countries have their own vices and bad government.

According to her, Africans think their countries are messed up when the government is messed up everywhere.

Tweeting further, Dencia explained how even airports in America are also nasty and that some homes do not have doors and windows

She then added that Africans living in the continent should see that their government is trying and people should also put effort because they cannot do it alone.

Hmm. Interesting view.

In other news, Dencia recently shared tips to help BBNaija 2019 star, Tacha’s brand and repair her public image.

Dencia in her post expressed that if the young lady has a good publicist, then such image professional should have advised her to charge her fans to cast their votes in support of fellow housemate Mercy, since she was no longer in the game.