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Dear Men, Stop Sending Us D!ck Picture, It Doesn’t Do Shit For Us – Lady Speaks Out

An Instagram user, Mimiubini has spoken for the ladies over social media abuse usually cause by men.

But why some men usually send their private part to ladies? Is there turning point in that??

Anyway this lady has come to be the speaker of other ladies suffering from this mess.

Check her Instagram story

If You Are In This Act, It’s An Abuse And As Regards An Offense… Be Warned!

Ladies don’t like it


  1. Men’s naked bodies do not move women; however, women should stop exposing their bodies all around to entice men in the name of dressing. Both men and women in body exposure parade should stop forthwith.

  2. Anyway who does this has a psychopatic trait in him….ND he is as well a pervert…some will even go to d extent of calling u nd making all kinds of supposed sex sounds…like konji wan kill u ni

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