COVID19: Modern Day Slavery in Abia State By A Chinese Company


Unemployment has increased globally since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is on record that most companies have laid off their staff, some placed their staff on leave without pay, while some companies have placed their staff on half salary as a Palliative to caution the effect of the pandemic. people have been thrown into shock, since a picture surfaced online, showing trapped in a compound.


The picture has published a photojournalist Mr. Anyaso Felix, who hails from the Ukwa West local government area of Abia state.

Accused a Chinese company Inner Galaxy, situated in Ukwa West LGA, for enslaving her staff. According to the photojournalist, Anyaso noted that, since the Covid19 crisis/lockdown in Nigeria, those in the picture have been locked up the Chinese company management, with a threat “Go home and lose your job’.


He noted that the company Inner Galaxy insisted that only those who stayed back in the company compound and continue working day and night, without going home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, will receive their monthly payment and retain their job.

He questioned, those who accepted the order, with fear of losing their job, if they have lost their hope to the extent of believing that without inner Galaxy a company if they won’t amount to anything good in life?.
The photojournalist called on the Abia state government to investigate the alleged inhumane treatment against her citizens, by the Chinese company that specializes in the production of iron and steel in the state, noting that the intervention of the state government will save the trapped workers and also protect their job which is their means of survival.



    1. My question is as foreigners in our country threatening our people to lose their job without pay, I hope our government is going to do something about it because a Nigerian cannot do this in China and go Scot free.

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