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Covid – 19: You Are Already Infected if You do These Things

Many things you do can make you get infected with this virus and the solution to the problem is not 100 percent guaranteed if you get infected.

you can contact coronavirus if you do the listed things below and it will not be funny the kind of bad service you are gonna get if you get infected with this virus even when having enough money to hire doctors

1 If you are being ignorant

A lot of citizens in the place I live has so many opinions about this virus when it was announced, some people say it is a way for the government to loot money and some say it has always been a lie without giving a reason. if you are that type that follows what people say you must be very careful. the virus is real.

2 Putting on a nose mask

I know it has not been easy wearing a nose mask but it is better than getting the virus you are not paying for and paying doctors to get cured. like they use to say in my country “Prevention is better than cure” please stay safe and keep your family safe thanks.

3 Maintaining your social distance

If you work in the market you can always put on your nose mask and make sure you do not have face contact with people. but if not make sure you maintain a social distance anywhere you go


  1. Truely a lot of people has been saying the virus is not real meanwhile the media has been informing the masses that it is real but they won’t listen saying. The virus is not real, am still wondering who did this to us🤷..

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