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COVID-19: Nigeria Will Be On Complete Lockdown Soon- Dr Aliyu.

News reaching us from a reliable source we have gotten information that the country will be going on complete lockdown.

This is the aftermath of a meeting held by the Presidential task force on COVID-19.

The Chairman Presidential Task Force On COVID-19 Dr. Aliyu said in a press release.

He said:

“Please be informed”

“We just ended another meeting of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. Today marked the inaugural meeting of the Presidential Taskforce National Pandemic Response Centre.”

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“I think it is important to let us know that the country is about to witness turbulent times induced by the pandemic coronavirus.”

“We may soon be hard hit. The reason for this is that, we, I mean the Nigerian Government, delayed in taking proactive action at the onset.”

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“However, I can assure us that the government is serious about taking necessary steps to curtail the level of casualties.”

“Well coordinated measures are about to be put in place from a broad, diverse spectrum.”

“All the necessary Working Groups have been inaugurated today. International bodies such as WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, CDC, World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the private sector, civil society groups are partnering the Taskforce, providing technical and financial assistance and support.”

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“Donations are quite streaming in. From Global Fund we got $33m, another $3.3m came from another body I cannot give the name immediately.”

“Max Air donated $200,000, the Chinese firm, Huawei, doled out #100m. There are a number of other handsome donations. We have been holding these meetings with some foreign experts.”

“In the next few days, more concrete action will become manifest.”

“All relevant institutions are being mobilized for action to tackle the scourge. The taskforce is also galvanizing the State Governments to ensure their is effective collaboration and cooperation.”

“More importantly, the purpose of this message is to give us the privileged information that a complete lockdown of the country is imminent.”

“Soon, very soon, perhaps, this weekend, this will take effect and may last for at least 14 days.”

“Therefore, I advise us to immediately make adequate arrangements for our families. Thank you and may God Almighty help Nigeria and Nigerians in these trying moments. Remain blessed.”


  1. I hope they get a vaccine as soon as possible. Nigerians are hungry,employees won’t pay salaries dey to low is not circulating,I pray this ends soon.

  2. This is becoming so interesting I’m sure some people are somewhere planning their own money heist, who knows where they will start it could be federal government funds reserve office then to cbn… how i wish say naija get satellites 🛰 📡 to zoom down and video every actions i had love not to miss a scene.

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