CORONAVIRUS: First Lady Calls For Total Lockdown In Nigeria

The First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, has urged the state governments to call for the total lockdown of all activities across the country over the continuous spread of COVID-19.

According to the First Lady, shutting down school activities of children is a counterproductive measure against the spread of the disease if workers, parents of those children, continually report at work, thereby exposing them.

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Aisha Buhari said this shortly after the number of persons infected with COVID-19 in Nigeria spiked up to 36 on Monday, with one death recorded.

She Tweeted;

It is commendable that state governors have closed down schools; however, this could be counterproductive if parents are still going to work. We should not isolate students and expose their parents. Let us remember that they will meet at home.

#TotalLockDown #StayAtHome


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