CORONAVIRUS – European countries that have been hit with the virus

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus (CONVID 19) in Wuhan, China, there have been serious fears about a Pandemic happening soon with the virus killing more than 2,000 people in China and cases of more than 5,000 have been reported.

Some European countries have been hit recently with the CONVID 19, calling off sports activities in most of the selected country.

Below are some of the European Countries which had been hit with Convid 19


The first case was detected on Tuesday, with a man in his late 70s infected with the coronavirus near Milan.


Another case detected with a woman who was infected following a return from Italy.


Italy is by far the most European country worst hit by the coronavirus with cases of 400 infected and already a record of 12 deaths and it has seen people travelling to their various country with the infections.


Britain has recorded 15 cases with another two announced on Thursday with one patient been in Italy and the other in Tenerife. The government has asked travellers returning from hits area in the Northern Italy, China, South Korea and Iran to isolate themselves and inform authorities.


Russia has treated their Chinese citizens who had been infected which they as been sent to their country and eight passengers have been placed in Quarantine from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship which has tested three positive.


A Chinese tourist in Lapland and a Finnish who had earlier visited the Northern Italy has been confirmed on Wednesday with the virus.


The Novel coronavirus in the South Caucasus region has been confirmed on Wednesday in the country.


Romania had reported its first case on Wednesday with a man who contacted the the virus with an Italian who had visited the country a week ago.


Denmark confirmed the first case of the virus on Thursday with a man returning fro a skiing trip to Northern Italy. His family had been tested negatively and he has been decribed not to be in danger and his family is being confined to thier home.


A young man who recently stayed in Italy along side his brother are among three people tested positive for the virus. The third case was detected Wednesday in a man who works in the Italian city of Parma.


Belgium has confirmed a case with a man who was sent home from Wuhan in early February. He has completed his quarantine period.


Two cases as been confirmed so far, at the end of January,A woman who had visited the Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outburst was confirmed and on Wednesday, a second infection was discovered – a man who was returning from the Northern Italy.


Following an Italian couple who had earlier been tested positive on Tuesday, A 72-year-old man in Vienna also tested positive on Thursday making him the Austrian to have been infected.


A person who had returned from China last week had been said not to be in danger after the Norwegian Health Authorities announced on Wednesday for its first case of the convid 19.

France, Spain and Germany are some other countries which the Convid 19 has hit.

African countries as not recorded any case so far.

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