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Coronavirus: Doctor are running home!! – See Why Many May Die

Many must have been saying that this is our end time but you would have to say it is a lie or rather true but I would tell you now what would body to cause the total downfall of Nigeria as a whole.

it was earlier reported that doctors from Nigeria are running home due to the exposure of bodies to suspected infected patients.

Now what do you think is going to happen next no one to treat you if any infected victim is been noticed again

People also read that Coronavirus: Jesse Otegbayo and Other Doctors self-isolate as UCH Ibadan shuts down major operations

Again do you know that many has died for the coronavirus issue due to ignorance which would cause the main spread of coronavirus because majority of Nigerians are not doing what they are been told and that alone is a serious case.

Another thing is that Nigerians are lacking in the health areas as we don’t have enough health facilities to control this deadly coronavirus.

The only thing is to stay at home and pray to every God each Nigerians are serving. let us believe and pray to Almighty God now for Nigeria and for our home most especially our future

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