Convid-19: The drugs Nigeria had been using to successfully cure patients

Candid Advice from a Coronavirus patient that recovered.

Most of the patient who had once test positive to the Coronavirus and later recovered from it after proper treatment in the isolation centre had recounted the names of drugs, foods and other edible materials they take during their treatment in the center.

Below are the lists of what they were given daily to cure them of the Coronavirus, Vitamin C-1000, Vitamin E, 10:00 – 11:00 sunlight for 15-20 minutes, one egg, rest or sleep of at least seven or eight hours per day, and drinking of warm water after every meal.

Also, it is worthwhile to know that the pH of the coronavirus varies from 5.5 to 8.5, so during their stay in the isolation center, they were advised to take the following fruits which has a higher pH than the Coronavirus, because of their alkalinity. Lemon, lime, Garlic, Mango, Orange, Avocados, pineapple, dandelion.

The following are the early symptoms of the Coronavirus. So if you notice any of the Symptoms, you can always report to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control at your state to get early treatment of the virus.

  1. Itching in the throat

  2. Dry throat

  3. Dry cough

  4. High temperature

  5. Shortness of breath

  6. Loss of smell and taste


  1. Thank you for sharing. We really need to boost our immune system by taking our vitamins/protection serious.May God help us

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