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  1. My Name is Akiri Monday,
    Please I register as a publisher on this site, so am new I don’t understand this platform, please can you a bit explain how to Publish write up?
    * Each time I post it doesn’t appears like other publishers e.g the image come under and others image stay between the Title and write up.
    * If I post any news, I will not see it among the recent news.
    The way I post, is it the right way? if not please explain to me possible through Email.
    Also I need a your Phone Numbers
    Akiri Monday

  2. Hello, My name is Fatoye Theophilus Lloyd. A verified creator on Opera News App. This Platform Is great, the design and the tone is also great. Please, can the administrators work on the speed of the site? Thank you!

  3. Pls don’t let this issue of license key look like a scammer website… Paid 4 license key since may 1 and it hasn’t been credited…this is a bad system has to be addressed…mikeola is my username