Complete Guide: How to Import Iphone and other Gadgets from USA – 2022

If I told you that importation of gadget from foreign countries like the USA, UK and others are easy than you thought… I know some of you would have pay a big amount of money for this information and here I am to give it to you free

If you are reading this article consider yourself lucky that you are getting life-changing information skills for free.

And take my word for this that if you apply all I write in this article you should be making at least seven (7)figures or more in no time. But here is the truth, you have to put this to work.

Let’s get started

If you are from Nigeria you may have heard of or use Classified sites like OLX, JIJI.NG and others.

Now I want you to know that these types of websites or services do not only exist in Nigeria alone but in other countries also, the only difference about these sites is the designs. so you have to note that they function the same way ours function

Perhaps, you may have heard of sites like OLX and others that lets its users sell cars and place some advertisement on the platform on different categories of the site.

On these sites, you get to see items at a cheaper rate.

Here are the lists of USA Classified Websites


Before you get started with this site you need to know some basic things like this

On the site i listed above you will get to see many products like iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei and others

On these sites, you will get to see iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei, and many other phones at a jaw-dropping low price. Don’t be surprised to see a Samsung S8 at $150 and some sellers might even sell for $100, depending on the condition of the phone.

Also these sites are not enabled for some location so you can get a VPN to access it ans it is location sensitive, you will want to set your VPN exactly where your agent location is.

To have a successful trade with the person in the united states, you will need to have an agent who will serve as your confirmer. i mean someone who will confirm weather your goods are in good condition or not.These agents are Nigerians in the US and they are 100% legit. I will list a few of them soon.

Dealing with people on the site can be tricky as you are not in the US. But you shouldn’t tell them that you are in Nigeria and you shouldn’t tell them you are using an agent. Just negotiate as normally with the seller. And make sure you don’t use your personal picture as your DP on these sites. You can use that of a random item. Registration

Before you proceed with checking out, you need to download the Puffin Browser on Playstore:
Once you have downloaded the browser,

  • Log into your Facebook on the puffin browser.
  • Visit and register with Facebook.
  • So once you continue with Facebook, it will log you into the system.
  • (To change your profile picture) Go to my account
  • Click on Settings
  • So once you have changed your profile picture, you are ready for the next step.

If you have any difficulty creating an account with, I will advise you get a VPN from the play store.

Then the next thing is to search for the gadgets you want to buy using the search box. Remember to use the location of the agent to search for deals.

Once you are able to spot a great deal, read the descriptions, and check the pictures if it is in good condition. If you are okay with the features of the phone. Then the next thing is to message the seller and you need to go straight to the point.

Something like this: “Can your S8 go for $200? I’m available to pick it up right away” Be reasonable while pricing so they don’t report you.

Don’t price a $200 item for $30.

Unless say you be confirm ijebu! Na joke oo!

Once you guys have agreed, they might want to know when you are ready to pick up. Just tell them you are doing so right away.

Things To Know Before Buying

The carrier of the phone/gadgets and if it’s unlocked. If it’s not unlocked, make sure you note the carrier. It is important to ask about the condition of the phone. If it has a crack and asks to see the actual photo as you chat with the seller.

If it’s an iPhone, make sure you request for an IMEI and go to IMEI checker to confirm if the phone is on

PLEASE NOTE THE “FIND MY PHONE” option must be put off when you search for the IMEI.

***Don’t buy any iPhone no matter the price without confirming the IMEI You should, by all means, avoid deals that offer shipping or CashApp or PayPal. You should only go for drop-offs or pickups.

Paying & Picking Up Your Goods

Once you have finalized your deal with the seller, you send the details to your agent, who will then request the availability of the item/gadgets. You will be asked to pay into the agent’s bank account in Nigeria. Payment will depend on the exchange rate at the time.

When chatting with an agent, go straight to the point.

These are the information they need from you:

  • The name and model of the item/gadgets you want to order
  • Agreed price
  • The name in your profile
  • The public address the seller gave you
  • Carrier of the phone and if it’s unlocked or not Imei of the phone if it’s an iPhone
  • Link of the Deal
  • The agent will inform you if the distance is closeby and if there is a red flag in the deal before asking you to make payment.

Once the deal is a success, your item will be shipped to Nigeria. If not, you will get a refund.

Trust me, you are safe with the agents I will share with you. (Click Here To Get Agent List)

If successful, shipping to Nigeria takes 5-7 days.

The agents have Lagos officers, so you will be notified once the item gets to Nigeria. If you are not in Lagos, they can waybill it to you anywhere in Nigeria, at an extra cost of course.


Always make sure you always buy high-end products/gadgets like iPhones (7 and above), Samsung (S8 and above), Mac Books Avoid phones like Oneplus, Huawei, ZTE, LG, Google Pixel. Please note that the information in this guide is for learning purpose and since you are dealing with humans you need to use your discretion.

Thank you for reading through. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments section! Your opinion matters.

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