July 2, 2022

The Osun State Government has announced the closure of the Baptist High School, Osogbo, due to the vandalisation of the school property by some people believed to be hoodlums in school uniform.

The Commissioner for Education, Oladoyin Folorunsho, who announced the decision in a statement published in the bulletin of the Ministry of Information and Strategy on Thursday, expressed displeasure over the misconduct of the hoodlums.

He also ordered a thorough investigation into the attack on the school, adding that pupils would be made to pay for the damaged property.

During a visit to the school on Thursday, the security man on duty did not allow our correspondent to enter into the premises.

The principal of one of the three schools on the premises, it was learnt, told pupils at the close of work on Wednesday that the schools had been shut.

Investigations by the closure might not be unconnected to a note pasted on the door of a classroom early this week by some suspected thugs, who threatened to attack the school.

A source in the school told our correspondent that some people in uniform, wielding weapons, attacked the school last Friday during which ceilings and some school property were damaged.

A resident of the neighbourhood where the school was located, who identified himself as Agbaakin Gbadebo, said the school had been under a series of attacks by some hoodlums in recent past.

He said, “Last Friday, some people in school uniform attacked the school. They were armed with cutlasses. During the attack, two members of the Peace Corps working in the school were absent, so they easily gained entrance.

“Some male teachers, however, repelled them and some of the attackers were wounded. I believe the injuries suffered by some of the attackers made them write the school again and threatened to attack.”

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